31 January 2010

Everything In It's Place

Our house, is a very very very fine house...and I don't think we have enough buttons.

Happy Birthday Jill!

Look everyone, new bangs!!  Birthday Jill went for a rock-and-roll Heidi look, and I went for baby bangs. New month, new hair.  P.S.  it took waaaay too long to take this picture!

30 January 2010

Things To Sell

Here are the business card books I am making for the Love Day Trunk Show at Fabrika.  I have included just a few things that I love:  envelopes, craft paper, and stamps.  Going to finish them off with a simple japanese stab binding.  

Let's Begin!

So0o0o I have decided to start a little blog!  And why not? It sounds like fun, sometimes I think of good things to say, it will be nice to get some feedback on my work, and it's free!...and like all good college students, I enjoy free things.  I've wanted to for a while..so here I go!  Hope you like it!