24 June 2010


I made this print in the intro to etching class that I took last quarter. It is a 1 plate printing using a white ground and aquatints. I really loved the etching class because it was the first time in a while that I learned a completely new process. Usually sticking to fiber processes for everything I make..I really loved learning how to do something new. There are so many steps and techniques involved in etching that you can either chose to do or not...and there is so much room for experimentation. I love the mixture of having to be technical and fluid at the same time.

also...for sale!!

21 June 2010


For the past 2 weeks, I have house/dog sitting on Tybee. It is sooooo beautiful! Incredibly hot during the day, almost too hot to go to the beach..but once the sun starts going down it is perfect outside! Lookit that sunset. Yum!

13 June 2010


haha so here is a pretty silly video of what the finished piece looked like. Unfortunately, I do not know how to work a video camera. Didn't seem to know I was filming any of that!! It was also meant to be viewed in dark room, so that the projection would be way more clear and visible...but I couldn't figure out how to tape that either. So many a technical difficulty..but I think you can get the basic idea of it!

i < 3 linen

step 1: weave
step 2: cut fabric into circles
step 3: dip fabric circles into fabric stiffener
step 4: place into cup moulds

So I realized that I never posted pictures of one of my pieces that I was working on a while ago. The original idea was for all the cups to be held up by string or something similar looking, but that fell through. So what I ended up doing was mounting the cups on 5, 6 foot long pine planks. I hung them on the wall horizontally, so the piece covered an area 6' x 5'. I then projected images of the weaving process (above) over the piece, to make a connection between the process, materials, and outcome. I am working on figuring out how to post a little video up here so you can see what it looked like installed!

12 June 2010

dum dum dum

There is this wonderfully full jar of dum-dums in the studio where Mol works...I ate WAY too many of these to count.

PS I am going to start posting something every day...I recently bought a new digital camera, and decided that I need to start actually using it! May not be anything profound...but there will be something new to look at on here daily (:

Rusty Bits

A couple of weeks ago, Jill, Hannelore and I took a trip to a junk yard in SC. For Jill's portfolio, she hand dyed and wove these incredible wool and linen scarves, and we thought that a junk yard would be an interesting backdrop to photograph the scarves in. Anyways...I took a few pictures of things and surfaces that I liked. I think rust is incredibly beautiful..the color, the texture, different patterns of erosion..so cool! So here they are..hope you find them as interesting as I do! I'll get some pics from Jill of the product shots we took this day...they are worth seeing!

Le Fin!

Hannelore, Jill, Me

Sorry I have been so bad at posting recently!! Things have been pretty crazy...buuut I am now DONE WITH SCHOOL!! All that hard work paid off...I graduated summa cum laude and received an Outstanding Achievement Award! Yay onto bigger and better things!! ..and for the first time in my life I am no longer a student..weird!