23 July 2010


After a night spent in Roanoke, and getting lost in the mountains of Tennessee for more than an hour...I made it! I have a work study position at Arrowmont for the next six weeks! I will be working in the campus bookstore in exchange for taking workshops. So far I have set up my twin bed and walked around campus...and tomorrow I start work! It is super beautiful here, I can't wait to explore. Pictures soon!!

08 July 2010


Pictures my friend Amy took of some of my screen-printed fabric! Printed on 4 yard pieces of cotton, linen, and burlap. I think the white/light blue one is my favorite..still haven't figured out what to do with this yet!

06 July 2010


This is what it looks like to live with girls! Pretty cute, in my opinion. Miss my savannah house and roomies!

03 July 2010

H20 2

More prints!! This one is a 2-plate etching, also based off of water. When I took this class, I was kind of stumped on what to make my etchings look like. A lot of kids in the class were doing super cool illustrations of monsters and funny things..and I am no illustrator, so I wasn't sure what to do. I think by using water and oceans as inspiration, it allowed me to really explore materials and techniques, and to not worry so much about having to draw an image. I had fun learning how to create different textures and surfaces, and to create depth and atmosphere by using only a thin copper plate!

Haha remember when I said I would post something everyday?? It starts NOW!