16 May 2010


We are surrounded by written language. Constantly throughout the day we process words, sentences, paragraphs. We are able to recognize letters and their sounds, and understand what they mean when combined with other letters. But do we ever pay attention to the letters themselves? At their core, they are just basic shapes, both curvilinear and geometric. With this piece, my goal was to see if I could change the way letters are "read". When placed in unrecognizable sequences, turned left, right and upside down, or placed in repetitive patterns, do our brains still perceive these recognizable shapes as letters, or can they be transformed into something strictly visual?


This piece goes along with one of the first pieces I posted. This one displays the individual elements that make up fabric; seemingly insignificant snippets of string that are the basic foundation for cloth. The warps and wefts are the same ones that were removed systematically from the first piece, and also the same number.

This book is made out of leather, silk tissue, and linen. The idea was that each "warp" and "weft" are measured and placed an equal distance away from the previous, each on a separate piece of tissue paper. If the pages were perfectly clear, the lines of thread would appear to be woven. When held up to light you can begin to see the "cloth".


I have been super busy with finals and haven't had time to post pictures of what I have been working on...but my portfolio is done now, and I am graduating in two weeks!!! I finally have pictures of most of my pieces..so here we go!! My hard work from the year!

This piece goes in a series with the white curtain that I posted a little while ago. It is about revealing an inner structure using layers of fabric and light. The first picture is a sketch during the planning phase, and then voila! The finished set!