28 March 2010

Process Photos

This project is the beginning of a window hanging that I am working on. It is two layers, one of linen and one of cotton, sewed together in a grid pattern with darker linen threads sandwiched in between in a lose weave. The whole structure is an interpretation of weaving, and when hung in a window all the layers, appliques, and cut-outs become visible..more pictures when it is done and installed!


A blog post dedicated entirely to thread! Oh, how lovely!

22 March 2010

Zoo Explorations

Some fun pictures from the National Zoo in DC.  The first picture is of flowers that were in the butterfly garden..no idea what they were but I really liked the texture!  The second picture is of butterfly cocoons...and the rest are of interesting sea-life.  And of course the panda..just too cute to pass up.  I think he looks fake..like he could actually be someone tricking us in a panda costume.  Too perfect and happy eating his treat!


SO I finally got a new camera (the old one broke about a month ago...) and I will be posting good stuff soon!!  Sorry for the month-long delay...things will be up in the next few days!