16 May 2010


We are surrounded by written language. Constantly throughout the day we process words, sentences, paragraphs. We are able to recognize letters and their sounds, and understand what they mean when combined with other letters. But do we ever pay attention to the letters themselves? At their core, they are just basic shapes, both curvilinear and geometric. With this piece, my goal was to see if I could change the way letters are "read". When placed in unrecognizable sequences, turned left, right and upside down, or placed in repetitive patterns, do our brains still perceive these recognizable shapes as letters, or can they be transformed into something strictly visual?


  1. Very interesting!!

    I hear you are graduating this weekend. Congratulations and have a fun weekend with your family. Give Sarah a hug for me:)

  2. I know I've said so before but this awesome! It's a really cool, thoughtful study and I really like the way you executed it. How big was the finished piece?

  3. thanks!!! the finished piece ended up being 10' x 5'...pretty big! i have visions of this filling an entire space and becoming more interactive with people viewing it, like larger letters on vellum that can be easily arranged...one day!!