08 August 2010


So last week I finished my first class, a 3D Shibori class taught by Jozef Bajus. The basic idea is to tie/bind/clamp fabric in specific patterns or designs so that when they are immersion dyed, the string or clamps or whatever will act as resists. Fancy tie-dye! Here are a few picture of what the fabric looks like before it is dyed..

And what some of the fabric looked like after!! During second half of the class, after learning all the basic techniques, we were given an assignment to create some type of 3-dimensional form to hang in an outdoor space. Stay tuned for pics!


  1. these are all really GREAT!!!

    i love that honeycomb pizza looking one!

  2. these are too cool!!!!

    all of those samples at the bottom blow my mind! The zig zag might be my favorite one!(underneath the pizza honey comb)

  3. They are all really beautiful. I can't pick a favorite, I like them all!

  4. YAY! They are awesome. I love the compilation photo... a bit of everything. Best of luck with the rest of the classes. Be sure to post more: )

  5. thanks guys!! your comments make me so happy! (: