28 October 2010

Oh hello again

Woah been bad at posting! Here are some pictures of a quilt I just finished for Maia in exchange for some jewelry she made me and my sister. It's lap-sized (if that makes any sense) and is mostly made out of purchased material, but the blue fabric I dyed with indigo and the grey wool is from a sweater that Maia shrunk. My favorite part is the little pocket! I like how the different weights of fabric quilted..the best part is taking it out of the washing machine once everything has been sewed and seeing the different textures. I am getting better at stitching the binding on..and I owe my choice of red accents to Molly!


  1. It is beautiful! I also love the pocket. I am trying to make a tote bag out of a wool sweater that I accidentally shrunk! Wish me luck.