19 January 2011


Scarf #2!! I am on a roll..hopefully it will continue! Scratch that..I will make it continue. This one is 11" wide, 80" long, with crammed and spaced warps. Both warp and weft are the same bamboo material..and it is officially my favorite material to weave with! Winding and combing and threading the bamboo is like a dream..virtually no knots, no broken/snapped warps..OMG all you weavers need to try. And it is also super soft and has a nice, almost linen-like drape to it.

The stripes in the warp(vertical direction) didn't come out as noticeable as I had planned...I switched back and forth from 30 to 15 epi, thinking the 15 epi would be pretty loosely woven. They are noticeable when held up to the light, but otherwise are pretty subtle when worn. Perhaps if I didn't pack the weft as tightly? Who knows..I like the outcome, but am going to keep trying to get to the image in my head!

1 comment:

  1. I remember the first time I felt a bamboo blanket. I was so surprised at how soft it was!! Good choice for a scarf!