15 February 2010

Begin Again Again Again

1.  Cut woven fabric into a circle, dip in fabric stiffener, and press into plastic cup mold.

2.  Dip a strand of linen into fabric stiffener, and hang vertically to dry.

3.  Attach the dried string to the bottom of the stiff fabric mold..and see if it will support the fabric.  Fail!

4.  Try, try again...after unsuccessfully searching for starch or something else to use to make the string hard, I decided to experiment with resin.  I wanted to try to avoid using something so toxic..but if it works, it works!

For this project, I am experimenting with the idea of multiples.  How creating a lot of the same, simple structure can completely change the way it is experienced and viewed.  The structures that I am making will look somewhat flower-like..and they are also going to look like the "stem" that is supporting the flower shouldn't actually be able to do so...still having some technical difficulties with the material, but I will get something to work eventually!  I am going to scan in my sketches for this project so it will make a little more sense.


  1. i can picture the abstract flowers. truly simple and elegant and i love to read your thought process.

  2. oh yay oh yay! sometimes I wonder if I make any sense at all...maybe I really don't, but since we are sisters we are on the same wave-length! :)

  3. I get it too! is it possible to use thin floral wire covered with cotton batting & then dipped in Stiffy? It would give you the structure you need but still the fragile appearance you want?

  4. Oooh good idea Susan...I will have to try that. I've given up on the resin..it gives me an instant head-ache when I use it, even with a respirator on. Can you get floral wire just at a craft store??

  5. Awwww poor droopy flowers! I was thinking floral wire too! Keep up the good work, it's so very cool seeing your workflow. I can't wait to see it when its done!