23 February 2010

I need a thimble!

This is a piece I just finished for my embellished surfaces class. The assignment was to create a modern "sampler" with references to historic American and European samplers. The fabric is linen and the thread is cotton. Everything was stitched by hand except for the two rows of machine embroidery for the border. I used chain stitch for the river, back stitch for the text, blanket stitch for the appliqued rocks, and french knots in between the borders. The quote is something I found awhile ago, and the words have stuck with me. This took forever, but I like how it turned out!


  1. I always loved doing stitchery. When Tory was in preschool (in GA) she needed a large bath towel for her nap time. I put her name on it in backstitch - in big yellow letters on the purple towel she picked out. We still have it - but it's not very fluffy to use anymore :)

  2. Aww thats so cute! I enjoy stitchery too..but it really makes me work on being patient...it is such a slow process, and I typically like to get things done fast!