14 April 2010

Open Studio!

Here are some pics from the Fibers Open Studio last month. The first piece is a self-portrait, quilted wall hanging. It is made from cotton, linen, and hand-woven fabric. It's hard to see what is on it, but I screen-printed white on white and sewed together a bunch of small, layered pieces and then cut back into them.

The second piece is one that I never posted a finished pic of! It is about weaving and unweaving, and understanding the basic construction of woven fabric. It is called (de)construction...and SCAD just bought it for the permanent collection!!! Really exciting..this is the first piece that I have ever sold! I'M SUPER PUMPED! yaaaaaay

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on the sale! That is so exciting and I am happy for you. Does that make you a professional artist now?