12 June 2010

dum dum dum

There is this wonderfully full jar of dum-dums in the studio where Mol works...I ate WAY too many of these to count.

PS I am going to start posting something every day...I recently bought a new digital camera, and decided that I need to start actually using it! May not be anything profound...but there will be something new to look at on here daily (:


  1. YAY! Do it! Thanks for the posts. The rust is pretty cool... and there is plenty of it to see here in Haiti. Put up some beach pics! And more artwork pretty please. XOXOXO

  2. i'm going to clean out the studio RIGHT NOW!!! I could swipe you a few..... the entire jar....

  3. You should submit a photo for the Dum Dums contest at www.lifeofdumdums.com for a chance to win $2500 & other cool prizes!